10 March 2010

Child Training!

I have been reading a lot of things lately about "training your child" from birth.  I believe in guiding your children, and not letting them run wild, but I also believe in nurturing them and treating them with respect.  Oh and treating them like they are human beings.  When we teach adults do we spank them? Do we treat them with disrespect?  No, we treat them like equal human beings and they respond.  I believe my children are more well-behaved then some others because I treat them with respect.  They respond easier to me because I don't treat them like they are dogs.

Pearl and Ezzo get me the most.

No where in the bible does it say you should spank or beat your children or anything.  A rod, as everyone nicely puts it, was a sheppards crook and sheppards never HIT their sheep to lead them.  Plus, Solomon, the man you wrote proverbs, did not "spare the rod".  His son ended up despised and run off by his own people.  What does that tell you?

Jesus also said that what you do to the weakest members of our society (that could easily be translated as young children) you also do to him.  Would you hit Jesus?  I don't think so.

I just do not get this reasoning!  Enjoy your children they are blessings from God Himself!