10 March 2010

Jade's Birth

6month pregnant with Jade

I got pregnant with Jade when James was just 7 months old.  Found out when James was 9 months old.  I was ecstatic, we were hoping that our kids would be close together in age.  Michael joined the army when I was 7 months pregnant.  We did not expect him to be back for the birth.  Michael's Mom, my sister and my best friend Amanda were planning on being there with me to help.  I was again staying at my parents before the birth when "labor" started.  I got up at 4 am to pee, and then I saw that James had moved off his little kid couch where he had been sleeping.  I bent over to move James back and as I bent over I heard a soft "pop" sound, and then felt a gush of liquid.....a big gush.  I was positive my water had broken so I moved James back and went back to the bathroom.  I changed my pad, and then walked around the house a bit.  I was not having any contractions at the time, they had tapered off that previous evening.  I called the hospital to let them know I was coming in and that my water had broken.  The nurse told me to wait until I started having contractions.

I then woke my sister up and she went off to shower, and then I called Amanda, she said she was going to shower real quick and head over.  Amanda got to my house around 6:30.  We left to meet up at my MIL's house and I still was not having any contractions but I was leaking fluid still.  At my MIL's I tried walking around the streets outside to see if I could get my contractions going.  We left my MIL's house though with no contractions.  About 5 min away from the hospital they came on though, every 2 min.

When we got to the hospital they were still every 2-3 min apart, and they got me into triage and gave me a gown to put on, I got it on and then went to sit down on the bed before the nurse came back in (they were in the middle of shift change) and my water broke again.  I went out to get a nurse and a new gown, and when I asked a nurse running by for a gown she took one look at my gown and told me she was going to get me a room.  Which she did.

Then things went pretty fast, I got in a room and my contractions were pretty hard, it was 7:30 when we got there to the hospital, I went into transition at 9:40ish.  I had the same nurse as last time, and given that I still didn't think my last labor wasn't horrible I was actually pretty happy.  However, this nurse also gave me nubain, again.  Without asking me.  It was ten times worse this time.  I was so high it was insane.  I couldn't think, breathe, and I started freaking out.  Especially when it came time to push.

I felt the need to push at around 10:30am.  The nurse told me not to push yet, again, and went to check me, Jade was already crowning because I had been in so much pain that I didn't feel her move all the way down and then people started scrambling around because Jade was coming whether they liked it or not. Then since Jade was facing the wrong way, I had been having back labor and it was even worse when I was pushing, laying on my back.  The nurse kept shoving my knees up to my ears, and I freaked out even more as I was pushing.  I literally, after the Dr came in, started moving myself up the back of the bed to get away from everyone, and I started screaming loudly, and highly, and could barely breathe.  I could also still feel the effects of the medicine.  I did finally have her, after my Dr cut me to get her out quick because of how erratic I was acting though.

Jade Destiny was born on November 19, 2005 at 10:47am weighing 6lbs 11oz and 19" long

She was born 12 days before her due date.