02 April 2013

I've had an interesting morning

I needed to go to Publix, so I left the older kids with my parents and Katara and I got in the van and went out.  While there, looking at some of the BOGO deals an older woman asked me if there was a baby in my sling.  Now, this may not seem like a big deal or anything, and I probably shouldn't be, but in general, when people ask me that I'm surprised.  I'm surprised because I've managed to surround myself mostly with other APers of varying degrees, so there is no surprise in other people, usually, when someone is wearing their baby.  We all know what's in the slings/wraps/carriers.  So when people ask me, I'm usually really surprised they don't know, at first.  Although, then she mentioned that it was a neat new way of carrying babies.  I wasn't really sure how to respond to that so I did the smile and nod thing. :)

After our trip to Publix I found another suicidal squirrel in the neighborhood leading into my parents neighborhood.  I've found many suicidal squirrels there, although I don't know, maybe this is the same squirrel as the last times I was down here.  The squirrel was sitting in the middle of the road, facing opposite my van.  S/he stayed there until the van was about 2 feet away from the van and I had come to a complete stop.  Then, and only then did the squirrel turn it's head around, saw my van and then finally FINALLY ran out of the road.  Suicidal squirrel.

Then after turning on to the next street I found a small turtle slowly crossing the road.  So I stopped and helped them get across the road quicker so that s/he didn't get ran over.

Pretty good morning so far. ;)

And changing the subject, I'm still waiting on paper orders.  I'm probably beating a dead horse worrying about them, but I did it with the leave form, so not sure why anyone would expect me to be different when it came to his orders.  Michael's in the field for awhile, and he expects to have them when he gets back, so I think I just need to be patient (yeah right) until then.  If he doesn't get them then I can go back to worrying.  I'd just really like to get this show on the road, and start figuring out moving, and apply for our house at Campbell and all that.  Hurry up and wait.