18 April 2013

Back home, now time to move

Got home from FL yesterday.  Using today to hopefully catch up on some cleaning.  Really need to get out and go shopping, but it's going to wait until I can stand to be in a car again.  Tomorrow we'll see Donnis and Bernadette, which I know the kids and I are looking forward to.  They're going to miss their granny when we move!

Speaking of moving, Michael is finally going to be getting out of the field tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that he'll have paper orders and can start the clearing process.  I'd really like him to come home at the end of May for us to move.  Maybe get a jump on PCS season.

Plus I want to get our application in, in case they don't give us a house we want, we can start trying to get one we want before we get there.  I really really really want one of the new houses.  I think after 7 years we kind of deserve that right? LOL

Adjusting to live with a 6 week old this time around has been fairly easy.  I hope that getting back into the groove of things keeps getting easier as the weeks go on.  Just can't wait to get my husband home!