21 July 2011

Almost Done

Right as we speak I'm doing school with James.  It's almost time for lunch, but for this morning we'll have managed to finish 2 whole lessons.  I'll be watching the boys from next door later, so we'll be doing school until then.  James only has 3 lessons after this until he's done, so I am actually hoping to get done with it all today.  We'll see though.  I'm very proud of all he's accomplished this year.

Jade is still only half way through 1st grade, and we're taking it slower.  She's capable of having finished 1st grade with James, but was unwilling to do all the schoolwork.  Seeing as how she's still only 5, turning 6 in November, I'm not worried about this, although it seems a little frustrating to me, knowing her potential, and what she could do with her intelligence, and not taking advantage of it.  I have to keep reminding myself that I had that potential too, but I didn't take advantage either.  Of course, there lies my frustration.  I want better for my daughter, but I have to allow her to make her own way.  This isn't something that would be detrimental to her life.

Steven also has done well with his school work.  He's proficient in shapes, recognizing the alphabet, numbers 1-10.  He also understands the concepts of addition and subtraction, although I haven't really worked with him on that.  I had debated on starting him on K4, but I have decided that even though he'll be 4 this year, I don't think he's ready for that type of regular instruction, so we'll be working this coming school year on pencil hold, and creating lines and curves to prepare him for K4.

Willow is very interested in school time now, and I have no doubt that in the 12-13 school year she'll be very ready for preschool work!  Right now we're working on basic signs, and learning to talk!  She knows so many words already, and I have a feeling she'll be a non-stop talker just like James!