08 July 2010

Getting ready!

Jade is on lesson 135 of 170.  We're almost there I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I'm still working on writing out the lessons in my lesson planner for this coming year but I'm still excited about it!  It's just hard to focus on that, when I'm working with Jade getting her done with school for this year.  I also bought Steven the 3 year old curriculum, it's supposed to teach ABC recognition, work on hand/eye coordination, it'll give him some art projects to do too, and counting to 15 and numbers recognition.  I think this will help immensely in letting him feel involved in school (lately it's just been reading to him while James and Jade did school) and it will hopefully help him improve his speaking.  He doesn't like to talk, but he can understand a lot.  He can also sign quite a few things, no sentences though, but then again, neither can I.  I'm looking forward to getting his material, and coming up with a plan to have my two 1st graders, and my preschooler doing school this year!  Then in two years I can do the preschool work with Willow, she's just so smart now that I'm sure she'll probably be ready for it, and I'll have my preschooler, my kindergartner and my two 3rd graders!

It's hard to believe that both James and Jade are ready for 1st grade!  It amazes me how well both of them do!  I'm in awe of them, I really am.  I enjoy this, watching them learn and grow in front of me!  Which I'm off to do now, Jade is almost done with her writing paper, and she's oddly motivated today to do more than one lesson....