08 July 2010

Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in public seems to always be a hot button issue, but why?  Why are people so offended because a woman is choosing to provide her child the most natural form of nutrition?  Why have we moved from the most natural ways of parenting?  I think, looking around at the world today that our "new" ways of parenting are not better, they are not good.  Formula raises the risk of babies dying of SIDS, to 1 in 5 babies, it raises the risk to become obese,to have diabetes, to die.  If you knew what formula was made of (all containing some toxic chemicals, or made from toxic chemicals) you wouldn't want to drink it, so why is it okay to give to our babies?

The fact of the matter is, technology and advancements in medicine have supposedly made our lives more convenient and better, but at what costs?  There has been a rise in all kinds of different behavioral and developmental problems, in cancer, even in SIDS once we went away from natural parenting.

I can look at this from all kinds of views, but as a Christian I'll start there.  Who are WE to think we can improve upon HIS design?  We are designed to get pregnant, grow children in our uterus (which is an amazing organ) and then to deliver them to be nourished at our breasts.  Breastmilk has SOO many amazing things in it, and is different from woman to woman because it is specifically tailored to OUR child.  It's not a "one size fits all" milk like formula is.  I have a problem with one size fits all things.

This talks about how formula used to be called "better than breastmilk", although we now know that not to be true, millions of people in America are still formula fed.  This is seen now as the "normal" way to feed a baby, I know that when I was younger that's how I thought all babies were fed.  I was introduced to breastfeeding through a movie, and it was then decided, once I knew you could nourish your babies for the first year of life at least, with your own body that it was how my babies would be nourished.  There was no other option for me.

So many studies done will tell you, breastfeeding can save lives, formula therefore increases the risks of death.  Just because you, your mother, your sister, your cousins, your child was fed formula and lived, does not mean that it didn't do some damage.  I don't normally talk about my digestive problems outside of close family, or friends, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason I have chronic diarrhea, that is a cause of severe embarrassment in some situations, and my IBS was caused by receiving nutrition as an infant that was substandard, and harsh on my immature gut.  I don't fault my Mom, she was a part of the generation who was told formula was better.

I have breastfed in so many public places, in restaurants, in cars, in just about any store you can think of, in parks, in church, in other people's houses.  I have gotten good looks and bad, and thankfully no one has said anything to me because I probably wouldn't be able to be nice.  It is a human right to be able to feed our children in the most natural way possible.  We're told that having a baby is a right, that not having a baby is a right, so why isn't feeding our children a right?  Why do people fight against it?  What is so bad with breastfeeding.  I'm tired of hearing people say that they understand the benefits to both baby and mother, BUT, their right to not see it is more important than the babies right to eat.  Who has more control over what they do?  The person watching what offends them, or the helpless dependent baby?

I ask you to listen to this broadcast, you can push through to minute 5:50, and listen to the views.  I've heard these views so many times, "why can't you just feed the baby in the (hot/cold) car, or in the restroom or anywhere that I don't have to look at it"?  How about "pooping and peeing is normal, or sex is normal so why can't I do that in public".

Well, pooping and peeing in public is a health hazard, that's why you can't do that in public, and breastfeeding is NOT a health hazard.  Sex is normal sure, but it's just an urge, not an actual need, however eating is a NEED, and that's the difference there, so it's all comparing apples and oranges.

I think it is in bad taste to formula feed a baby, it's not natural, and it's the bare minimum of what a baby needs (which should not to be confused with the fact that a baby is better having MORE), and yet I have to see that all the time.  Everywhere you look you will see people feeding bottles to babies and I can't make them leave the room because it offends me, so why is it that people think they have the right to make ME leave the room for feeding MY child??

America is insane when it comes to natural parenting.  I'm glad I made the choice to go back to natural parenting, to parent the way God intended, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing, gentle parenting (as Jesus Himself taught).

I have a feeling my kids will be better for it!