03 May 2010

I have a little bit of time....

Today got away with me.  I woke up and got moving around 9am, then it seemed like next thing I knew it was 1pm!  I think maybe netflix is a bad bad thing! LOL.  Plus the kids refused to clean up today too.  Then of course since it took them a long time to clean up we started school late.  Here it is 7pm and they are finally eating dinner but we're only half way through school.  I doubt they'll go to bed on time now too.  But, I did get the kitchen completely unpacked and organized and DONE!  Finally!  I'm so proud of myself.  I even started in the computer area.  So that will be my goal tomorrow, to get the computer area organized and done.  At least I hope so!

The kids are doing pretty good though, progressing well in school and Jade is awesome at cursive.  Steven is talking and signing more which is wonderful!  Willow is probably 2 or so weeks away from crawling, but she's starting to get frustrated down on the floor, and no matter how much I try and entertain her it just doesn't seem to work well.  She wants to be up in my arms.  Which I have a love/hate relationship with.  In one hand I want to savor the moments she wants to be close, but on the other hand she's getting SO heavy!  Oh well, I usually lean toward the side of savoring time.

As for Michael.  I'm getting to talk to him about every other day which is nice.  He's bored which makes me happy! :) He's staying where he is right now, which makes me feel a little more comfortable.  We're not even a month into this deployment though and in some ways it depresses me.  We're also pretty far off from R&R.  I'm trying to make it through one day at a time.  It's hard but I am trying.

Well the kids are demanding seconds of food so I have to end this now.