12 September 2013

Day 5

Today's dare was to find each of our children's love language and try and respond in that way.

James's love language is affirmation.  He seeks approval in things he does so today I made sure to praise all the good things he did, when he did well on his writing, when he did his math problems correctly, and when he was a good example for his younger siblings.

Jade's is when you do something she enjoys to do, like cook with her, or play a game.  Jade is often passive and allows James to run the show, so letting her pick something and do it with her makes her feel very loved, we gave her a choice tonight of something to do and so her and I had a pokemon battle.

Steven is super easy, hugs and kisses and cuddles make him the happiest and feel loved.

Willow needs attention.  She wants you to watch her, and talk to her and do things with her and wants things to be about her.  We let her sing and dance and put on a show for us.

Katara likes boobies and being talked to.....she's the easiest of all. :)