03 October 2011

This may offend you....

And I really don't care.

Yes, this is a rant, and it's about something I read online.  So sue me.

For new mothers who may not know this, or for anyone who knows nothing about babies.  There is this thing called a growth spurt.  There is a period of time before this growth spurt that your baby will seem hungrier than normal.  It's because it's the biological signal in them that says, "hey I need to up the breast milk supply so that when I start growing I"m getting enough milk and nutrients to support that growth".  It does NOT mean you need to give them "other" foods instead of your milk.  If you give them rice cereal, which has NO real nutritional value because it is bleached (which just means it's been deprived of all the nutritional value).  So if you give them cereal to "fill them up" you are DEPRIVING your child of the nutrients they are supposed to be getting and you are not increasing your milk supply like you are supposed to.

A LOT Of times, when I hear women tell me they just didn't make enough, or their supply just couldn't keep up, it's around one of these growth spurt times and instead of just going with the increased amount of feedings, which generally only lasts, at the most a week, they give up thinking they don't make enough, or they start giving cereal because well meaning but ignorant people tell them to do so.

Thus breastfeeding doesn't work under the guise that they just didn't make enough milk, when really they did, and then they pass on the information about their "lack of supply" on to others who decide that must be the same thing.

Oh and I know I'm sure I'll offend someone here and I'm almost positive I've probably already offended someone on the group I'm on for talking about this, but like I said I really don't care.  My motivation behind this is for the well-being of the baby and not your feelings.