10 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

Read the link.  I'm at a point that I'm left wondering, do these people really know what they are protesting?

These people with all their corporate gadgets, their books printed by corporate publishers, their iphone's, ipad's, ipods, android phones.  They are protesting capitalism, and yet they buy from capitalists.  Steve Jobs, RIP, was a capitalist!  He was RICH!  He worked hard and made a name for himself, and these people think it's unfair that he did the best he could and was rewarded for it?

Um, right.  There's logic.

I'm glad my children are not going to be seeing this going on.  I've said nothing about it to them, and I will wait until they are older to explain the immoral and depraved actions of many of the people there.  I will also teach them about how capitalism works, and how if you work hard everyone has the opportunity (notice the word opportunity not entitlement) to succeed!

This whole situation there makes me sick to my stomach.  And to think that our president supports this depravity doesn't surprise me, but it's horrifies me also.