17 February 2010

Thinking of doing

my birth stories....

Now, all of my hospital births, except for Steven have been fairly normal as far as hospital births go, and many people don't see anything wrong with it, but I feel my hospital births were fairly horrible.....not at all how I wanted my birth to go and completely wrong!  I don't think it's nice or fair of woman to be forced into laboring and delivering in ways that are unnatural (laying on your back) just because it's easier on the medical staff.  It's not easier or better for the woman and to force a woman to do that (when I thought we had patient rights) when squatting or on all fours has shown to be better on the mommy in terms of pushing is idiotic.

I'm just in awe that people subject themselves to this.  I mean, really....going against gravity can not be good.

So, not today but soon I will write about my birthing experience, one by one, and tell you what I liked or disliked about them......I would start tonight but Willow is starting to wake up.