07 February 2010

Some things that have been bothering me....

Abortion and pro-life issues.  I am pro-life.  I look at it not only spiritually but logically.  Logically when does life start?  It starts at conception, every scientist and doctor will back that up.  If you take the DNA of a 2-3 week gestational aged baby and compare it's DNA to a full grown human you're going to find the same thing.  No matter what it is, no matter how many cells it has past conception that mass of cells DNA will show up as human.  So why does that child get less rights than anyone else showing up as human?  No matter what, medically, scientifically that mass of cells is a human.  That's logical.

Another issue is breastfeeding.

One of the worst issues I have is people who just decide to give their child formula when they are perfectly capable of breastfeeding.  Especially people who say their breasts are meant for sex.  Um, yea, okay and so they produce milk for babies why then?  It makes no sense to have that mentality.  I just cannot understand it at all.  We are the only mammal  that gives our young anything other than our own species of makes NO sense!  It seems to me that giving cow's milk is completely unnatural and feeding your child what your body makes is the most NATURAL and wonderful thing you can do if you're able to!  I just don't understand it.

Last is co-sleeping....but my daughter is wanting to nurse so that will have to wait for a different entry.