31 August 2009

So a little about me, because if you're actually reading my blog you may actually want to know where I'm coming from.

I'm a Florida girl born and raised and Florida will always be my home....eventually I may even end up back in the state for good, but for now I'm moving back and forth and all over with my husband.

Speaking of my husband, I've been married for 4 1/2 years, and been with him for 12 years in September. He was my high school sweetheart :) Michael has been my rock and helped me through some times in my life that were both good and bad and I'm thankful that I have him. We also have 3 kids, James who is 5, Jade who will be 4 in November, and Steven who will be 2 in November and we are expecting Willow who is due late October. My kids and my husband are my life, under God of course.

The things that make me who I am are God first and foremost, then my family, both my immediate ones I have right now, and the family I grew up with. I have a very close family and although we have our moments where life interferes I know that I can count on them if I really have a need. They are just awesome like that.

As for my views, I am conservative with most of my views and have been since I was 8 years old. I am for less government, I don't want to be told by the government, when, how, or how much. Especially when it comes to my children. I do want the government to provide protection, public education for those who choose to utilize it (although it should be adequate and not the way it is now), and help for those who need it, but I do not believe in lifetime welfare. In fact I think that church's and not for profit organizations should be encouraged to help those in need more than the gov't should be required to give it. I believe in the right to access to things like healthcare, jobs, and money, but that we are not entitled to any of these things and we must work for them.

As for parenting, I am an AP parent, which just means that the needs of my children are put before mine MOST of the time. Not all of the time, but I nurse/feed when they are hungry, not when I say they should be, and sleep when they are tired. I encourage night time sleeping, so I am most definitely NOT allowing my children to just play all night long, but during the day I allow naps when they are tired, even if it means I miss out on doing something, or running an errand or something like that. My children do not run my life, but I do think there are certain things that parents should sacrifice and realize they have to sacrifice when having children. I also breastfeed until the baby is ready to stop, I don't force that issue, it's a mixture of nutrition and comfort after a year old and the benefits of breastfeeding after a year continue, it doesn't stop magically as soon as the baby turns 12 months old. I baby wear my infants constantly, and my older infants moderately because I believe that closeness develops bonds that encourage Independence. Once your child feels comfortable in relying on you, they are more likely to go out and seek independence on their own rather than being pushed into it. Same with our co-sleeping. We bed share and co-sleep from birth until the 1st year at least, and then slowly encourage the transition to their own beds. This has worked very well and all three of our children sleep in their own beds, with only cuddles in the morning.

I am also one of those weird non-vaxing moms. My oldest two are fully vaccinated at this point, but will not be receiving any more vaccines, and my youngest hasn't received any, and will in total receive 4 vaccines and so will our new little girl. I have done extensive research into what is in vaccines, and the history of vaccines, and feel this is what's best for our family. I do not believe vaccines are the miracle a lot of people believe they are as the diseases that vaccines have claimed to "cure" were all on a decline long before the vaccine was introduced.

We are also a homeschooling family. We chose this method of education mostly because of my husband's career as a solider in the Army but it works on many levels for us. It has been challenging at times but it works well for us. We don't have to worry about moving from school to school as my husband gets new orders, or the quality of the schools we attend and we have more freedom to learn whenever or wherever we are.

I will post more blogs as I go along about the things I'm passionate about, including my home birth that is coming up :)