31 August 2009

I was 32 weeks on Saturday, so I'm in the home stretch now at 8 months pregnant.  Only 7 weeks and 5 days until my due date and only 4 week and 5 days until I am considered full term.  I know I won't be having her at 37 weeks, but I really doubt I'll be making it to 40 weeks either.  She is now in a head down, anterior position so she's getting ready to go!  I haven't dropped completely yet, but I would definitely say she is engaged in my pelvis.  I'm getting excited and nervous.  We still have a lot to do down in on the bottom floor and I feel like it's never going to get done.  My home visit is in just 3 weeks and I need to have everything ready to go and I just feel like it's not going to happen.  We also need to pay the midwife another $100 for renting the birthing tub.  I wrote out my birth plan also, and will be posting it on here after I edit it a little more and there's one or two things I'd like to add to it also so once I've done that I'll put it in another posting.

I also have my most recent tummy pics but once again that will have to be another post :)