26 January 2015

New Adventure

So, my husband has orders to South Korea.  Again, I know.  3rd times a charm though right?  So this time we're going to attempt to get command sponsorship and the kids and I will hopefully be going with him to Korea in October.

Fingers crossed anyways.

So I figured I'll post in here what we do, and when and how I go through this process because I know I'm totally lost and there's got to be others who are too.  This process seems extremely overwhelming and documenting our journey to Korea will help to keep me from going too crazy.

So far my husband was scheduled a levi brief and I was informed to get all my kids medical records for when we go to the screening since we're seen off post, and to bring Steven and Willow's IEP for speech (which I've already gotten from their speech therapist at the school)

So, fingers crossed and hoping things go well.