08 February 2014

It's that time of year again

Tax return season!  Which means.......curriculum searching!

One of the advice I give to people who are just starting out in homeschooling is to give yourself a break in the first year.  It's the hardest, you have to get in your routine, figure your kid out, and what in your curriculum you can tweak to insure that your child learns.

I have five kids, four of them will actively be doing school this year (I hope as I have a very stubborn four year old.)  I started homeschooling using only abeka with James.  It worked really well, and I enjoyed it and James worked well with it.  I can tweak what I need to, skip things that are already learned, and add in places if needed.  It worked well with Jade too, and Steven, but I've made changes over the years.

At one point, the older kids were not doing well in spelling, so I switched that, and now my kids love spelling lessons, and are excelling in it.  I also felt that Abeka's science and history was weak, so we switched that too and the kids now look forward to those classes.

It's important to remember to change things when they are needed.  So, I get to Willow, and she's not responding to Abeka at all.  So, we're trying something different, and I'm thinking also of switching things for Jade too.

I really like the time of year though, to buy new curriculum.  It's fun now, and no longer overwhelming, looking into all my options!