19 May 2011

I'm alive

It's been awhile, but for Michael's block leave we decided to go to North Carolina and Florida to visit family.  Block leave, for those civilians out there is literally a block of time set aside usually before and after a deployment for soldiers to use for whatever they want, usually to visit with family.  Our block leave time is pretty much the entire month of May.  We've already been to North Carolina, and now we're down in FL.  For us, visiting family is convenient because our family is all together here.  Our parents live a whole 15 min. from each other.

So we've been chilling here in FL.  Michael has spent time with his family, shopping, doing yardwork and stuff, and spent a good portion of a day with his friends, and I got a girl's night out.  We want to have a date, but I'm unsure on if that will happen since we're running out of days here.  We'll be leaving on the 23rd to head back home.  Then we'll have time as just a family to spend together.

I think we've adjusted well to being a family again, and while I enjoy spending time with our families I'm looking forward to being home again too.